Friday, June 20, 2014

Close Reading at the Core

As I write this post I’m listening to Steph speak about close reading, listening and viewing at the All Write conference in Warsaw, Indiana.  Once again, she is blowing my mind! 

I’ve heard her speak dozens of times in the past few years, but her take on close reading has really rocked my world.  I took six pages of notes during the morning talk and came back this afternoon to hear the repeat of the session because there was so much to process and absorb!  Rest up, #RIT14 attendees—you’re going to need a fully charged brain when Steph shares about close reading next Wednesday afternoon!

To get your brain going, here are a few ideas from Steph that really got me thinking:

    Whoever does the most talking and does the most work does the MOST LEARNING! Let kids do the work!

    We teach kids to be "thinking intensive learners."

    One of the things that truly makes a text complex is what is NOT written.

    Close reading is strategic reading!

I can’t wait to discuss these ideas and more with all of you next week!  The countdown to #RIT14 has begun!  See you in 5 days!

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