Stephanie Harvey
Connecting Comprehension 
with Inquiry and Technology
RIT 2.0 2014
Flexible Agenda

Wednesday June 25

Morning Session

7:30-8:30                  Registration and continental breakfast

8:30-10:30               The Real 21st Century Skills: Comprehension, Collaboration,
                                        and Inquiry

·       Four Principles of Reading Achievement
·       Comprehension and Active Literacy

10:30-10:45             Break

10:45-11:45              Read, Write, and Talk: Participants read and respond 
                                      to non-fiction texts.

11:45-12:45              Lunch: Provided on site

Afternoon Session

12:45-2:15                A Closer Look at Close Reading

·       What makes a text complex?
·       Close reading, viewing, and listening for understanding

2:15-2:30                 Break

2:30-3:30                 Nonfiction Matters (now more than ever)

·       Video clips of active literacy classrooms

3:30-4:00                 Reflections and Q&A

Thursday June 26

Morning Session

7:30-8:30                 Continental breakfast, conversation and book browsing

8:30-9:00                 Poetry Performance: Sara Holbrook and Michael Salinger

9:00-10:00              The Power of Collaboration

·       The social strategies of effective small group collaboration

Enhancing Teaching Literacy and Learning with Technology

·       An introduction to the breakout sessions

10:00-10:30            Break

10:30-11:45              Choice of Three Technology Breakout Sessions

1.    Kristin Zeimke – Connecting Comprehension and Technology in the Primary Grades
2.   Kate Muhtaris – Connecting Comprehension and Technology in the Intermediate and Middle Grades
3.   Sara Holbrook and Michael Salinger – Using Technology to Support the Writing of Informational Text and Creative Nonfiction, Grades K-8

11:45-12:45              Lunch: Provided on site

Thursday Afternoon Session

12:45-2:15                Breakouts continue from morning sessions with 
                                      Sara and Michael, Kristin, and Katie.

2:15-2:30                  Break

2:30-3:30                 Breakouts continue

3:30-4:00                 Q&A with Sara and Michael, Kristin, and Katie 
                                      in breakout sessions

Friday June 27

Morning Session

7:30-8:30                 Continental breakfast, conversation and book browsing

8:30-9:30                 Inquiry Circles in Action

9:30-10:45              Content Literacy: Integrate Comprehension Instruction 
                                     with Content Instruction in Science and Social Studies

·       Thinking Strategies as Tools for Understanding
·       Video Viewing and Discussion

10:45-11:00             Break

11:00-11:45              Assessment and Evaluation: What is the Difference?
                                      Look at student work to assess comprehension 
                                      and inform instruction

11:45-12:30              Back Home Plan and Q&A

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